Gathering a community of active women


Born out of the passion of its founders, Peppermint Cycling designs and produces technical clothing for women's cycling. Above and beyond its products, the twins aspired to create a unifying brand that would gather and connect active women together in hopes to disrupt market conventions.

Thanks to the brand's online platform and its numerous annual gatherings, Peppermint has quickly become the natural extension of its community, actively involving its customers in all aspects of the company's development.


Réinventons la roue   ·   Break the pattern   ·   Réinventons la roue   ·   Break the pattern    ·

Réinventons la roue   ·   Break the pattern   ·   Réinventons la roue   ·   Break the pattern    ·

"When we launched Peppermint, we understood the importance of defining the brand above and beyond our products. Our mission was crafted to gather and connect all active and engaged women."

- Veronik Bastien

Co-founder, PEPPERMINT Cycling Co.

A lifestyle that defines us.

Scope of the mandate:

Brand Questionnaires

Strategic positioning

Big Ideas


Brand Identity & platform

Development of touchpoints

Clothing and accessory design

Support in restaurant design

Our impact

Stemming from a marketing and communication background, the Bastien twins (Véronik & Michèle) understood the intricate parts of building great brands. Our mandate: to define and create a brand that evoked the authenticity of cycling while expressing the unique nature and positive character of leadership in women. The name Peppermint refers to this sweet and peppery herb that tributes the duality presented in the twins' complementary personalities while offering a playful tone that reinforces the culture and lifestyles associated with cycling.

The visual identity is a tribute to the dualities expressed by the twins, using the two " p " to represent a road bike seen from the front. We also conveyed the brand essence throughout the entire brand experience and touchpoints, from the website to the product design and packaging stories.