Pivot in times of uncertainty.

- Step 1 -

Free practical tools to help you design an optimistic future for your business.

Whether we're entrepreneurs or employees, the days follow one another, but they certainly don't look the same.

As we move along the corporate journey, we live highs and lows, which ask us to constantly adapt and transform our businesses so that they have optimistic outcomes.

Big stakes ask for bold commitments

At the heart of the issues, most of us are uncertain on what the future holds for the company we own or work for:
  • How can we reinvent ourselves without diluting our mission?
  • How can we involve our employees in the quest for a brighter future?
  • How do we pivot while staying relevant to our clients and partners?
Now that the foundation of any business is being put to the test, companies can pivot to revisit the fundamentals their business model. But where and how do we start?

Practical tools to face the crisis

At Atelier, we are specialists in innovation through new business models for large companies as well as start-ups. For over 5 years, we have been developing and sharing tools and workshops that allow companies to reinvent themselves. In addition, we offer the foundations of our innovation and impact approach free of charge to all companies that wish to do so.

By following the proposed steps, you will discover unexpected opportunities that will allow you to integrate new business models that are both innovative and sustainable.

Are you an employee? Perfect, this approach can also be applied to your projects!

Step one:

Mapping your business model

Providing you a holistic perspective by including the 3 dimensions of your business, our tool will give you a clear understanding of the dimensions that shape your business model.
The first step consists of filling the 27 boxes listed in the 3 canvas. At this stage of the process, we ask you to focus on your current business model, which will then be used as a launchpad for business innovation.
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Step two:

The 24 Business Model Patterns!

What would be the impact of the subscription model, or how could you integrate the principles of the circular economy? Our bosses will help you bridge the gap between your current business model and your future vision!

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