The use of inclusive writing at Atelier

The use of inclusive writing on all Atelier's platforms.

A few weeks ago we used the term animator in one of our publications and a few people reacted to it. It is an epicene term to describe this role. We received several comments and questions about this term. As a result of this feedback, we reflected on the role of organisations in using inclusive language and decided to do our part.
The use of inclusive grammar is a simple gesture to reduce the presence of bias in everyday vocabulary. We strongly believe that this gesture represents a step forward in the struggle for gender equality. Some rules of grammar have no linguistic justification but rather are based on political codes. The use of the generic masculine is an old practice that needs to be reviewed.
This practice is rooted in our values of equality and is an illustration of our openness to contemporary issues. We are aware that it is necessary to make an effort before inclusive writing becomes a habit, but we believe that this effort is worthwhile.
This is one of the reasons why we have modified our web platform to make it inclusive.