Inspiring coherence by Stéphanie Aubin.

"The best way to navigate in these times of change is to return to our core values, the communities around us and the balance of our ecosystem."

Inspire Relevancy is the idea that started it all for us almost 10 years ago. We are undeniable optimists who have always believed in the power of an idea to transform and shape the world we live in. Both in the way we live and in the way we connect with others, inspiration is the magic ingredient, it creates a domino effect and naturally takes us further.

However, inspiration alone is not enough. Even if it creates the spark that sets things in motion, it is through empathy, integrity and sustained effort that real transformations really happen. Aristotle says it best; We are what we repeatedly do. 🙌 

Our saying is also our promise to help companies, non-profit organizations and institutions define a clear goal (Inspire), translating their core beliefs into new, innovative and sustainable business models (Coherence). We believe in the infinite possibilities of building an inclusive, open and creative economy that celebrates the opportunities offered by growing social and environmental problems. 

We have recently decided to take a more affirmative stance on the mission that has been so dear to our hearts for years. We have re-imagined our identity and our website, with the hope of better paying tribute to the great adventure that has been thrilling us for 10 years now. We are the first to admit that we are "shoemakers with bad shoes" when it comes to presenting our work and know-how over the years. Having said that, we are convinced that you will love Atelier 2.0! 

We are pleased to ask some of our friends to express what Inspire Relevancy has meant to them. Great ideas are multi-faceted and need to be expressed through different lenses. Here's how Artistic Director Stéphanie Aubin interpreted our big idea.