Creating the habitat of tomorrow.

Atelier - proud creator of a sustainable residential project.

"After 10 years of accompanying companies in their transformation, I wanted Atelier to go one step further to demonstrate the full potential of an idea anchored in optimism. Over the years, we were fortunate to collaborate on many inspiring projects, and we were seeking the opportunity to dedicate ourselves at creating an uplifting impact project that would lead by example. Our intention: to integrate some of the best practices in habitat design while inspiring profound transformations in lifestyle habits."

- Maxime Desjardins

An invitation to influence
the vision of the first development.

Over the next few months, Atelier will progressively unveil of what is the result of more than two years of work: a residential project offering an avant-garde architectural signature aimed at increasing the quality of life of its residents while reducing their environmental footprint to a minimum.

Study - eco-responsible cottage:

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