April, the month of the Atelier story

Looking back to keep moving forward: celebrating the evolution of Atelier

April brandmarks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. In this time of renewal, much like spring cleaning, we decided to take stock of the trajectory of our organisation. In doing so, we reminded ourselves of our desired direction, while celebrating how far we have come.

Inspiring coherence

Over the past 12 years, the team, the mandates and the challenges have changed at Atelier, but the goal has remained the same: to be an organisation that is part of the solution.

Aware that our company has as much impact on its environment as it does on itself, we take a systemic view to reflect on the multiple facets of our action. This is why we want to leave a positive environmental footprint

Inspired by the great innovative brands that are changing the world, we are constantly looking to improve and incorporate these new learnings into our practice. By working and reworking our tools, we've come to create an extraordinary co-creative experience.

The goal of being an organisation that does good around it has led us to work and collaborate with a range of committed and inspiring companies.

Making our vision of the world a reality, one project at a time

Over the years, some mandates have made us especially proud. This is the case with the Quartier Metta project. In this mandate, we integrated the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) into the development strategy of a neighbourhood of 2,800 homes. The development of innovative and sustainable infrastructure, the creation of a resilient neighbourhood and the introduction of sustainable consumption patterns are the three priority SDGs for Metta.

Strong since 1948, the Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima offers extensive support and expertise in the support of people with special needs. We were mandated to define the positioning and identity of the centre, and we are particularly proud of the growing role it plays in its community.

For the Ekinox Clinic, individual and collective well-being must be considered together. We have accompanied them by linking well-being and environmental responsibility. Ekinox continues its sustainable development journey with our ally Maillon Vert in order to position itself as the first carbon neutral physiotherapy clinic in Quebec.

Most recently, we worked with London Drugs to create a vision of the future in-store experience of their retail chains. Using the Design Thinking process, we co-created scenarios to reinvent the in-store user experience of 2035.

Strengthening the links between team members to move forward

In the past year, several people have joined the Atelier team

Integrating new talent into a team is a particular challenge in a pandemic context. Teleworking has many benefits for a team, but it can make it difficult to form bonds between team members and to adhere to the organisational culture.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink the way we operate to maintain our organisational culture, even when we are not physically together. We have adapted to create a new organisational culture that is accessible for face-to-face and remote work. We have adopted new tools to continue our internal co-creation workshops and maintain the openness between team members.