Atelier breaks the 10-year mark

Open letter from Maxime Desjardins, founder of Atelier.

Atelier is already 10 years old. It's certainly a cliché, but I can't believe how fast the last 10 years have flown by (Already?!).

2010 marked the beginning of two adventures; the birth of my granddaughter Raphaëlle and my humble beginnings as an entrepreneur. The desire to fulfill a vision deeply rooted in me was stronger than anything, requiring me to start a business at the same time as accompanying my little princess in her discovery of the world ... A journey whose intensity I had certainly underestimated, but which allowed me to expose the human being I really was.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, my professional background provided a clear perspective on the positive leadership that brands and companies can provide to their communities and the planet. When supported by an inspiring and committed mission, businesses and ideas can influence all areas of their organization and increase their ability to evolve in a changing environment. The purpose (the famous "why") is therefore an essential root of resilience. It guides actions and allows organizations to maintain a unique (and credible) perspective, even when they need to grow or change rapidly. For me, this observation was very revealing and it completely transformed the contribution I wanted to make to my practice, my clients and my collaborators. The direct and indirect impact of a company on its ecosystem is fundamental, and it is on this basis that I embarked on the greatest epic of my young life, that of accompanying brands and ideas of all sizes to "inspire relevancy" (what is Inspire Relevancy?).

Without claiming to have all the solutions, the past 10 years with Atelier have allowed us to improve the way we bridge an inspiring vision of the future to the social and environmental realities we all face today.

Right out of the gates, we have been trying to co-create alternatives that will allow organizations to put their expertise at the service of communities and the planet. With more than 500 companies that have attended our workshops and hundreds of clients accompanied over the past decade, we feel we have only touched the surface of the collective potential. That being said, our daily work allows us to look forward with great hope and carries our motivations to continue our pursuit to propose optimistic solutions that inspire the adoption of new habits.
Although the current context accelerates awareness, organizational transformations, and the desire for most to get back to basics, we are proud to be on the frontlines to witness a great wealth of optimistic solutions for our future.
Atelier through the past 10 years is first and foremost the collaboration and commitment of exceptional individuals and companies, who believed in our ideology from the very beginning. We are grateful for the many encounters that crossed our path. Every single one of them has shaped our perspective and enhanced our ability to contribute to the development of sustainable and socially favorable solutions.
10 years, it's a celebration, together! Special thanks to: 
Marie-Christine Gagnon - Your arrival a year ago gave Atelier wings. Your understanding of our nuances, your interpersonal skills, your humanism, and your determination allowed us to dream big and reach for the stars. I am profoundly grateful that you have made Atelier your professional home. #dreamteam
Alexandre Joyce - Your commitment to innovation and your ability to inspire crowds makes you a person we love to follow and listen to. Your kindness, generosity and ability to envision an optimistic and sustainable future make our exchanges unique and indispensable. You get 2 thumbs up!
Thank you to all our friends and collaborators, without you, our daily life would not be as stimulating!
Serge Côté / Ethos / Stéphanie Aubin / Léandre " Liam " Best / Penguin / Content Content / Rümker / Novae / L'Abri architecture / Maillon Vert / Ellio / Featuring / Republik / 3rd player / Sylvain Riel CPA / Tact / Inbe
And thank you to our valued customers with whom we have come a long way over the years:
Atelier Urbain / ATP Lab / Beyond Pulse / BMP Devco / Boiron Canada / Buffalo / CCIVS / Centre Notre-Dame-de-Fatima / Chlorophylle / Clinique Invisia / Collectivo / Comité Jeunesse La Presqu'île / Cimpl / Comédi Ha! / Public Affairs Advisors / COOK IT / Coop CSur / Cubix / Desjardins Lab / Développement Vaudreuil-Soulanges / École des Entrepreneurs / Ecoprocessus / Equation Humaine / Équiterre / Famille au Premier Plan / MTL INc Foundation. / Geosaf / GHGSat / Groupe Premier Medical / Gymini / Hydro-Québec / Immobilier en Confiance / Infopresse / Killo / La Base / La Factry / LaFak / Les Amis de la Montagne / LLoydies / London Drugs / Maxillo du Plateau / M Expérience / Maillon Vert / Miljours Avocats / Momentum Chiropratique / MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges / Oxygène Événement / Passion Soccer / PME MTL / Prairies / Production J / Quartier Metta / Quartz Co. / Rümker / Sens / Soccer 5 / Trium / Ville de Notre-Dame-de-l'île-Perrot / Ville de Vaudreuil-Dorion / Verger Labonté / Viva Media / V Nation / Whiteworth ski lodge / Zeta Productions
Finally, I would like to make a special mention to those who have been part of the Atelier adventure at one time or another. You all have left a part of yourself in our story, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Thank you for embracing our vision from the very first echoes of Atelier. 
Caroline Sarrazin / Mathieu Roy / Charlotte Arsenault / Léandre "Liam" Best / Stéphanie Aubin / Alexandra Zins / Marie-Andrée Lizotte / Zacharie Lavertu / Francis Beaudoin-Lorrain / Gabrielle Saint-Pierre / Cléo Cosnier / Liselotte Servouse-Brunn / Mathieu Desjardins / Valérie Villeneuve
A thousand thanks!