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April, the month of the Atelier story

Looking back to keep moving forward: celebrating the evolution of Atelier

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Summary of my participation at COP26

For the past two weeks I have been attending (from a distance) the 26th Conference of the Parties in Glasgow.

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Tools for a more carbon-efficient telework

There are a variety of tools and habits that can be adopted on a daily basis to reduce the impact of technology use and work-related activities. Here are our team's favourites when it comes to eco-actions.

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Strategist and Project Manager

Atelier is looking for a strategist/project manager who is willing to use his or her talent to shape the innovative and sustainable businesses of tomorrow.

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Bilingual Intermediate Strategist - Contractual 4 months

Atelier is looking for a bilingual, contractual mid-level strategist who is willing to use their talent to shape the innovative and sustainable companies of tomorrow.

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Alexandre Joyce interviewed for Atelier

Interview with Alexandre Joyce, a key contributor to Atelier, a specialist in sustainable innovation.

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The use of inclusive writing at Atelier

The use of inclusive writing in Workshop platforms: a step towards gender equality

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Inspiring coherence by Stéphanie Aubin.

We are pleased to ask some of our friends to express what Inspire Relevancy has meant to them. Great ideas are multi-faceted and need to be expressed through different lenses. Here's how Artistic Director Stéphanie Aubin interpreted our big idea.

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Looking for a project manager to support the development of high impact ideas

Atelier is looking for a project manager who is willing to use his/her talent to shape the innovative and sustainable companies of tomorrow.

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Atelier breaks the 10-year mark

Atelier is already 10 years old. It's certainly a cliché, but I can hardly believe how fast the last 10 years have flown by. (Already?!)

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Pivot in times of uncertainty.

Every moment presents us with new data and asks us to overcome an extraordinary obstacle, forcing us to adapt until we reinvent everything in a very short period of time. Can we afford to reinvent our businesses to present optimistic and tangible solutions to issues? Undeniably, yes.

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The essential journey.

Bound by a childhood anecdote, this story tells how we naturally return to our true values. Hunt the natural and it will come back at full gallop.

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Creating the habitat of tomorrow.

Over the next few months, Atelier will progressively unveil of what is the result of more than two years of work: a residential project offering an avant-garde architectural signature aimed at increasing the quality of life of its residents while reducing their environmental footprint to a minimum.

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