Reinterpreting a cultural heritage


Lloydies celebrates the richness of Caribbean cultures and deeply fascinating family history, through a vibrant, unique and welcoming culinary experience.

Lloyd Tull, founder of Lloydies and long-time Montreal-area restaurateur, quickly saw his clientele drop during the recession of the 1990s. This period was a turning point that prompted him to develop a line of products for grocery stores, renowned for its succulent Jamaican pâtés. Today, the next generation of the family is carrying the torch and launching a new cullinary experience.


Cuisine caribéenne du cœur    ·    Hearty Caribbean Food    ·

Cuisine caribéenne du cœur    ·    Hearty Caribbean Food    ·

"The process allowed us to express with a brand and words the true essence of our Caribbean roots. »

- Nathanial Tull

Co-owner, Lloydie's

Scope of the mandate:

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Our impact

We're honoured to play a role in helping to carrying on the traditions of a rich family history that celebrates Caribbean culture. The model is guided by that unique context and history with a common thread of primary colours that capture that vibrant Caribbean vibe.

The brand identity includes several symbols drawn from the family's history, such as Lloyd's reinterpreted portrait or the flying fish, an emblem of resilience and exploration that perfectly expresses the spirit of the place.

Photography : Lloydies