A springboard for self-improvement


Gymini is an acrobatics sports club that aims to create a unique environment that promotes pleasure, surpassing oneself and pride through human supervision, a diversified offer and safe, state-of-the-art equipment.

The mission: bring together everyone who are looking to push their own limits through acrobatic sports.

Acrobatic sports, and particularly gymnastics, are often associated with individualism and competitiveness. Our goal was to create a lasting sense of belonging to the club while reinforcing the strengths of a collective in individual sports. Gymini wants to demonstrate, in every facet of their experience, how self-improvement and positive reinforcement can foster better athlete development.


Par passion   ·   Through passion    ·    Par passion   ·   Through passion    ·

Par passion   ·   Through passion    ·    Par passion   ·   Through passion    ·

A place
to spark passion

"The process has generated greater empathy for different customer segments through customer experience mapping, better responsiveness and adaptability with the business model canvas that allows us to rethink different parts of the organization in case of problems or changes in the work environment! »

- Andrée-Anne Long-Rivard

Director of the competitive progam, Club Gymini

"The process carried out with Atelier has helped to create a stronger brand and a clearer raison d'être, a more sustainable brand . Without Atelier, we wouldn't have been able to do it. »

- Laurent Tremblay-Dion

Director of the recreation program and Communications

Scope of the mandate:

Brand Questionnaires

CAPSULE workshop, business model innovation

Strategic positioning

Big idea

Brand manifesto

Brand Identity & platform

Development of touchpoints

Web development

Our impact

The organization was in great shape with record attendance but was especially known for gymnastics, with other acrobatic sports sometimes going unnoticed. A need was therefore felt to refocus its identity to better represent the multi-sport offer. First anchored in a detailed understanding of its client experience, which aimed to clearly distinguish the competitive component from the recreational component, we laid the foundations for a new positioning through a co-creation session. A new code of ethics was then established, which first and foremost values the pleasure and passion associated with surpassing oneself.

Photography and video : Audric Gagnon / Penguin

Web platform: 3e joueur

Creation and design: Serge Côté